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IGN: TheUnforgiven71
By TheUnforgiven71 » over 8 years ago

Hi, I firstly want to appology for my bad English (and if I've posted in the wrong section).

I found a skeleton spawner (near -4400; 3050), but I can't claim it as it is too close to warp stronghold (claimed by EpicP4C0). But the claim is really huge, and the spawner is far from the spawn (and far under the sea level). Can I please be able to claim it (or at least put/break block)?


In addition, I want to know if it's possible to merge 2 plots or be able to "break" the road (on PlotMe), or at least be able to build a bridge accross the road. My two plots are: -98;103 and -97;103


Thanks a lot blush


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IGN: Samistine
By Samistine » over 8 years ago

Your plots, in plotme, have been merged. I will try to check the status of your problem in GP when I find time.

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IGN: MidnightDuchess
By MidnightDuchess » over 8 years ago


Since it is claimed by EpicP4C0 I would suggest asking him if he can break it for you, as we do not have Silk Spawners the spawner will most likely disappear though.

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