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IGN: Samistine
By Samistine » over 8 years ago

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From: Le Spintop The Narwhale!
Date: Sun, Nov 15, 2015 at 2:36 PM
Subject: Staffs' kicking people for silly reasons
To: Get Help <[email protected]>


Hey sam, I hope you are having a good Sunday, but today I was playing minecraft, and I asked a question saying "How do I join TeamSpeak?" And after saying it for a while, to different people (And not spamming)  this staff named, CanadianCookieMonster Kicked me saying Your meme wasen't dark enough and it made perfect sense why my staff friend May124 quited the server, but I don't want to leave the server, because it was great and I think staff members should be kicking other people for important use like Spaming or Inappropriate Language. Another great example was today, and Bash kicked this person saying that he was eating his/her baby, and there was no reason why they do that, but I would let that slide if they kicked them for a important use,  but using a silly way.
Please sam, help us because the silly use of kicking people is getting on my nerves. I know you would understand, and would put a end to this nonsense.
Sorry for not adding that much, grammar.
Thank you for reading this email
11/15/15 Eastern time  


@dockillar @bashcommando

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IGN: dockillar
By dockillar » over 8 years ago

He or She did not explain or tell you the reason why I kicked him/her.

Said person began making responses using memes, which is why I kicked them under the explaintion "You're meme wasn't dank enough". Which, as most of us know, is an online expression to decribe memes. 

It has nothing to do with teamspeak. Her question about teamspeak was quickly answered and resolved and has nothing to do with the person being kicked, which was a joke.

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IGN: xSebx
By xSebx » over 8 years ago

There shoudn't be any false kicking or joke kicking, but this seems understandable.

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IGN: MidnightDuchess
By MidnightDuchess » over 8 years ago

My question is Who did Bash kick? Certain people ASK staff to kick them if chat is getting boring to get the excitement up. Entirely NOT abuse.

Warnings are always best.

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IGN: bashcommando
By bashcommando » over 8 years ago

Agreed with Midnight, I have also seen people like Bajan kicking himself. Plus the staff often kick each other, most of us are familiar with that.

End of line

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IGN: MidnightDuchess
By MidnightDuchess » over 8 years ago

I think this was sorted out, Locking.

Warnings are always best.